ADU Companies Are Raising the Standard in the Construction Industry

            When a homeowner considers starting a remodeling or home expansion project, one common concern is finding an honest, reliable, and competent contractor to do the work. Many property owners have experienced or heard stories of home construction projects that have gone bad because of unprofessional or dishonest contractors. I had a bad experience when hiring a contractor for my house. Although the contractor did a good job with building a JADU for us, we had tremendous problems when we signed a second contract with him to do a home extension/remodel. The project took much longer than the contractor promised, and we found out that he did not pay certain subcontractors and lied to us repeatedly. As a result, we filed a complaint with the Contractors State License Board and terminated our agreement with the contractor. I had to fill the role of general contractor to finish our project. What a nightmare!

            The good news is that with the growth of the ADU industry in California, many new companies have started and are bringing greater professionalism to the construction industry. In the San Francisco Bay Area, some people with a high-tech background have started construction companies that focus their business entirely or partially on ADUs. These professionals have brought technological advances in construction, customer relationship skills, project management skills, and software applications to the ADU industry. These improvements should greatly benefit the homeowner by providing a:

  • Higher quality product
  • Lower cost ADU
  • Less stressful process
  • Shorter project timeline

As an ADU coach, I recommend companies that I believe are reputable and professional. However, this does not mean that homeowner can disregard doing research on an ADU company before hiring the company for a project. It is still important for the homeowner to do their homework before signing an ADU contract. However, it is encouraging to know that doing an ADU project should be easier now due to the new ADU companies who are raising the standards in the construction industry.

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