A Stanford Degree Won’t Get You into Heaven

Although Asian Americans are the highest income and best educated racial group in the United States, they have a unique set of issues and challenges which are rooted in shame-based culture, Confucianism and their bicultural identity.  This book considers how Jesus transformed people in the shame-based Mediterranean culture, and then applies this understanding of the gospel to Asian Americans.  As the book examines different issues and growth areas (performance orientation, self-worth, emotional development, identity and healing wounds from the past), the author shares about his spiritual journey to provide deeper insight.  Readers will gain a greater understanding of how the gospel applies to Asian Americans, and be encouraged to grow and be transformed.

“Phenomenal and freeing… Ron has written a book that Asian Americans (and those who minister to them) will find both liberating and filled with hope.”

Lance Lee, PhD.  Founder, Center for Relationship, Silicon Valley 

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