Waiting on God in a High-Speed Culture

In this captivating and timely new devotional, Pastor Ron Chin, a former Information Technology professional, offers guidance for finding spiritual health and fulfillment in a fast-paced, technology-driven culture.  Written to fill an entire year with weekly inspiration, this book is packed with practical Biblical counsel on walking with God and creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle amidst the haste of modern commitments.

 Waiting on God may not seem to be an exciting topic, but close examination of the Bible reveals that it is multifaceted and holds greater importance than we often want to give it.  Our modern society seemingly wants us to be constantly moving, but sometimes God places circumstances in our lives that force us to wait. God desires that we actively engage Him during these seasons of waiting so that He can deepen our faith, bring about spiritual maturity, and prepare us for what lies ahead.  

 Designed for flexibility, the book is perfectly suited for personal use or by church/workplace groups as a basis for a weekly discussion.   Whether you’re waiting to find a job, get married, become a parent, purchase a house, be healed or pursue God’s calling for your life, this devotional will help you to go deeper with God.


Waiting in a high-speed culture — now that seems to be a real contradiction in terms! I appreciate that Ron Chin has picked up the challenge to address this.  He insightfully writes: “A life of faith requires two different types of responses to God — waiting in faith and stepping out in faith.”  These devotions describe and exhort us in how to balance this out in our lives.  As you read Ron’s book, you’ll find it will help you to wait and depend on God, who is ultimately in control of our lives.

Sherman Williams
Founding Pastor, Fremont Community Church

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