ADU Coaching

Adding an ADU brings many benefits to your property. However, determining whether to start an ADU project is a huge decision. Building an ADU involves a large commitment of time and money. In addition, the homeowner may face difficult choices about which type of ADU to build, which professionals to hire, and where to get financing.

If you are thinking about building an ADU and need someone to talk to before you make a commitment, Ron can provide coaching to help you. As a coach, Ron will:

  • Listen to your goals and help you to determine a vision for your ADU project, including the type of ADU to build.
  • Assess your property to determine the feasibility of building an ADU.
  • Identify any obstacles that may hinder an ADU project.
  • Assist you in evaluating the services offered by third-party ADU professionals.

With Ron’s background – author of an ADU book, certified life coach and homeowner with an ADU – he is uniquely qualified to coach you through the process of building an ADU. Homeowners can get an ADU assessment from Ron by purchasing a copy of his book for $10. If you live close to Fremont, then Ron can visit your property and do an assessment. If you live in another area, Ron can do an assessment using Zoom or Google Meet.

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